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July 26, 2022


Taking lessons learned from the pandemic, food safety custodian Fortress Technology presents its framework of new support services, digital tools, real-time data capture and machinery features. Helping food processors to adapt their resources to the new landscape and build a more robust, flexible and future-proof food safety playbook.

Collaborating with global audit specialist AIB International, Fortress has created a modular cultural food safety roadmap underpinned by a new package of digital tools to engage workforces.

Targeting growth opportunities, production inefficiencies, QC reporting and audit transparency, the ‘Food Safety Cultural Playbook’ focuses on eliminating workplace hierarchies. Creating a culture where EVERYONE is a food safety custodian that ‘works like no-one is watching’ every day.

Customers can pick and mix tools, templates and tutorial frameworks from the extensive Fortress digital toolkit, including:

  • Remote activation of Halo Digital Testing, eliminating human errors, eradicating health and safety risks, saving 12/7food processors and packers up to £91,000 per metal detector p/a capturing real-time data that cannot be overridden or performed retrospectively
  • NEW digital reporting features, collecting data and securely overseeing the performance of an unlimited number of Fortress metal detectors, checkweighers and combination machines connected on the same network, identifying food safety trends and patterns
  • GMP, foreign material control COP standards and internal inspection templates developed with AIB International for global companies like McDonald’s, Waitrose and more
  • Unique pre-programming of all retailer and manufacturer COPs, boosting efficiency and reducing machine downtime
  • Tools that track the performance of people, plant and equipment, continually monitoring and red flaggingimmediate hygiene, pest control and maintenance issues
  • Introducing users to the most overlooked machine features that may exacerbate food contamination issues, notably setting and calibration of inspection equipment
  • Blended virtual and onsite consultancy, drawing in impartial independent experts using real wear glasses to provide a higher level of food safety transparency.

The Fortress Service team can advise on how to implement these digital transformation tools, deploy the best technology based on contamination risks, and fast-track efficiency improvements.