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Interceptor Metal Detector

Interceptor Metal Detectors improve stainless-steel detection capabilities up to 100%, reducing waste and costly false rejects in challenging applications. Optimised for inspecting more difficult “wet” products such as meat, dairy and other conductive products, the Interceptor simultaneously analyses multiple frequencies over a broad spectrum to clearly distinguish the signal generated by the product from any metal contaminants.

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Key Features

  • Available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Custom Conveyor Systems can be manufactured to the specifications of any application
  • Unique reject devices such as a drop nose, retract, bidirectional sweep, flap gate or diverter that is tailored to the machine
  • Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Operation


  • Broad Spectrum Frequency Transmission
  • ARM Processors: Multiple Channel Signal Processing
  • 100% Detection Sensitivity Increase
  • Noise Immunity Structure
  • Single Pass Product “Learn”
  • Automatic Product Tracking
  • Contact Reporter Software Included
Prepared Meals
Packaged Products
Fresh Foods