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Raptor XL Caseweighing System

Raptor XL Caseweighing System

The Raptor XL is a highly accurate, fully integrable caseweighing system, specifically designed to suit any large bag or case application. The Raptor XL is employed to verify the weight of each product within tolerances or using another weighing system. The Raptor XL has been designed, engineered, and constructed to the highest care/food grade engineering standards.

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Key Features

  • Compliant to all European supermarket Codes of Practice: Start-up fail-safe check results recorded and stored in audit report | In production check results recorded and stored in audit report
  • Robust, precision made, heavy dutyIP65 grade equipment
  • Lift-off, tool-less belt removal designed for easy cleaning of contact parts
  • Easy clean, sloped surfaces to promote water run-off and speed up drying time
  • Modular reject stations allow for flexible integration into existing and new production lines
  • Available rejects include: Belt-Stop-Alarm | Heavy-DutyKicker | OverheadSweep
  • Full colour screen with drag and drop functionality
  • Full audit traceability and storage of inspection results: Built-in data collection softwareretrievable via USB (standard) | Remote data collection of batch or interval statistics (optional)
  • 500mm standard belt width
  • Weighing capacity of 25kg–50kg