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Stealth In-Foil Metal Detector

Stealth Ferrous-In-Foil Metal Detectors overlook the presence of aluminum foil and other non-ferrous metals in fresh or frozen packaged products, successfully detecting ferrous metals such as iron and steel. Digital Signal Processing technology is utilised with high sensitivity levels to detect the smallest ferrous contaminants. 

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Key Features

  • Available in Stainless-steel
  • Custom manufactured to suit any In-Foil Application
  • Contact Reporter Software Included
  • Detailed Data Collection
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • Ultra-Sensitive Detection
  • AutoTest: Self Diagnostic Testing
  • System Set-Up in Seconds
  • FRAM Memory Stability
  • Multi-Level Password Protection


Foil Tray Packaged Products
Aluminum Wrapped Products

Aluminum Casting Inspection