Certified Test Wands


Estimated ship date is Wednesday August 24th 2022.

  • Fortress Test Wands are made from Impact Resistant, Shatter Proof and Heat Resistant Polycarbonate. These test wands have been custom designed to suit the needs of our customers and are the only ones in the marketplace.
  • Produced in compliance with the FDA, BGVV and European food contact regulations (2002/72/EC)
  • Wands are color coded, to indicate metal type; Ferrous (BLUE), Non-Ferrous (GREEN), Stainless Steel (RED)
  • Wands have visible certified test spheres in sizes 0.5 mm to 8 mm
  • Markings are etched using Fiber laser so text stays clear, never fades and surface stays smooth.
  • Polycarbonate is suitable for using over broad temperature conditions.
  • Easily insert and remove from products using easy grip paddle.
  • Wand Size: 1” x 8”
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